Paths (2009) Solo Timpani


Paths describes both this work and my process in composing the piece. Often, in writing, I find myself following a number of divergent paths before settling on the one that best fits the project. In this instance, however, I felt the piece never really settled; instead, it maintains seemingly disparate elements from various stages of its development. Among them was the desire to write for timpani as I might for a vocalist. The realization of this concept is achieved through the setting of unspoken texts, which the performer plays with hands on a sinĀ¬gle drum. Another path I took in writing the work was to create a single gestural idea that would provide the shaping for the entire work. Though the gesture no longer serves this underlying function, it still provides structural definition at key moments in the piece. What I enjoy most about this piece is that after a lengthy process composing a short work, so many of these paths remain.

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