Selves (2005) — a multimedia collaboration with filmmaker Hyun Ju Kim and choreographer Missy Pfohl Smith


Selves combines animation and dance on camera in an exploration of dichotomous self-identity in both the virtual and real world. Tangible interaction between the physical body and the disembodied immaterial virtual entity will point to the varying degrees of wellbeing associated with each state at a given moment. The movement of both characters, the physical identity and the virtual identity, is directed by the choreographer. The dancer on camera is integrated with the computer generated imagery created by the filmmaker in different terrain, interacting with one another and with the composer’s own dichotomous score featuring the acoustic identity of one instrument and its parallel, processed self.

Composer: Abby Aresty, Animator/Video: Hyun Ju Kim, Choreographer: Missy Pfohl Smith

Dancer: Jessica Blaida, Cinematographers: Moonsik Jung, Hyun Ju Kim, Missy Pfohl Smith

Premiered at ImageMovementSound Festival, SUNY Brockport & Little Theatre, Rochester, NY 2005

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