Respiratory-Musical Interface

The Respiratory-Musical Interface explores breath in music through biofeedback textile technology.


“Breath, in one form or another, is behind all music.”
-Jonathan Harvey

The Respiratory-Musical Interface (RMI) is a new musical controller which brings the strengths of traditional acoustic instruments to new instrument design. Like a traditional instrument, the interface and sonic output of the RMI are inherently intertwined: the controller explores and extends the role of breath in music by manipulating the sounds of the performerʼs breath in response to real-time data gathered from her breathing movements. The natural relationship between breathing movements and sounds offer a number of useful criteria to explore for parameter mapping.

Over time many people have investigated the musicality of breath, and so the RMI simply builds on this established history. Given the richness of historical precedent and the inherent relationship between the input (breath movements) and the sonic output (modified breath sounds), the RMI has the potential to become an enduring and intuitively musical interface.

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