piercing the veil of kindness

Piercing the veil of kindness (2007) — Flute(s) and electronics


Piercing the veil of kindness has its origins in a review of one of the Aspen Contemporary Ensemble’s performances in the summer of 2006. The critic, who was assigned to a new music concert despite her ambivalence towards contemporary music, was put off by the raucous sounds the group produced, and declared the entire ensemble a bunch of “screaming banshees.” She specifically pointed her finger at the flutist, Daria Binkowski, accusing her of “piercing the veil of kindness” in the fluteā€™s upper register. This piece is a musical embodiment of that quotation. The live flute part contains primarily “traditional” music that is interrupted, or pierced, by the electronic score that was composed using improvised extended techniques and sounds recorded by Daria on the bass and C flutes. Piercing the veil of kindness was written for Daria Binkowski and was commissioned by the Hanson Institute for American Music of the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester.

-Abby Aresty and Daria Binkowski

Performances include:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Greenshow, Ashland, OR (2012)

Contemporary Group Concert, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (2011)

Midweek Medley Series, Banff Centre, Banff, AB (2011)

International Computer Music Conference, Montreal, QC (2009)

MM Flute Recital, Montreal, QC (2007)

Composer’s Forum, Ann Arbor, MI (2007)

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