Feedback (2005) — a multimedia collaboration with Hyun Ju Kim, with live image processing and performance.


Feedback was created as part of 2005 ImageMovementSound Festival in Rochester NY. Through realtime interaction between the performer and digital images, this project simulates how human beings have developed technologies, and been affected by them. The live performer triggers imagery that informs their musical decisions and ultimately changes the imagery, creating the ultimate Feedback loop.

Realtime Animation and Film: Hyun Ju Kim
Composition: Abby Aresty
Performance: Gretchen Snedeker
Text: Allegory of the Supermarket, by Stephanie Brown. Used by permission of the University of Georgia Press.
Medium: Live performance and realtime animation/film

Premiered at the ImageMovementSound Festival, SUNY Brockport & Little Theatre, Rochester, NY 2005

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