Efflux (2006) – Pierrot + Percussion

Efflux (2006) — for Pierrot plus percussion


A departure from much of my recent work, Efflux* has no guiding programmatic scheme. Instead, I began composing this first movement with a melody, a general aesthetic direction, and a vague concept of a formal structure based on the melody. While working, I surprised myself by writing a rhythmic groove of sorts, which enhanced the abstract melody with which I began. This groove permanently altered the direction of the work, making what was originally a quite serious piece into something a bit more fun. Outward flow, as of water is a definition of the word ‘efflux’.
-Abby Aresty (2007)

*Note that there are two versions of the piece: an older octet, pictured above, and a newer version for Pierrot plus percussion.

Octet, performed in 2007 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI:

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